Women's Health Physiotherapy in South London


Many women deal with pelvic floor dysfunction because they believe their conditions are normal. You need to understand that it is not normal but it is common and it can be treated. 

At Woman’s Health Dulwich, our trained pelvic floor specialist Yolanda use a range of techniques to achieve the best outcome for patients suffering from incontinence, bladder dysfunction, neck- lower back - pelvic pain, pregnancy and postpartum complications, and many other musculoskeletal conditions that women experience throughout their lifetime.

Pregnancy Physiotherapy


Pain in the cervical, middle back, lower lumbar and pelvis regions are common during pregnancy, but physical therapy can significantly help to reduce pain and improve mobility.

Maintaining good posture, pelvic mobility, and strengthening the pelvic floor and the structures that surround it, can help reduce discomfort and pain in pregnancy, facilitate delivery, and speed up postpartum recovery.


Pregnancy physiotherapy can help with;

  • Working on the mobility of the pelvis and strengthen muscles in general and in particular pelvic floor.
  • Re-educate posture and increase perineal and breathing awareness.
  • Perineal massage to prevent injuries during labor.
  • Tonificate and relax the body and perineal muscles.
  • Provide tools that improve well-being during childbirth and increase well-being in the postpartum period.