We welcome both insured and self-funding patients. The NHS does a great job looking after the nation’s health, but you may want to choose how, when and where you get your treatment. Insured patients will need to obtain the authorisation number from their insurers. Most insurance companies will entail a referral letter from patient’s GP, before they can authorise their initial consultation.


Terms & Conditions: The cancellation fee of £50 will apply if you do not attend your appointment or if you cancel your appointment in short notice (within 48 hours of your scheduled appointment). 

Consultation Prices (with the consultant obstetrician & gynaecologist)


  • Gynaecology consultation: £150
  • Combined gynaecology consultation and gynaecology ultrasound: £300
  • Combined gynaecology consultation and gynaecology ultrasound and coil fitting (provides contraception for 5 years): £400
  • Combined gynaecology consultation and gynaecology ultrasound and hormonal coil fitting (provides contraception for 5 years and for the treatment of heavy periods): £500
  • Combined gynaecology consultation and gynaecology ultrasound and  implant Insertion (provides contraception for 3 years): £450
  • Gynaecology consultation and coil removal: £200
  • Combined gynaecology consultation and gynaecology ultrasound and coil removal: £300
  • Combined gynaecology consultation and implant removal: £200




  • Obstetrics consultation: £150
  • Combined obstetrics consultation and ultrasound (growth scan): £300
  • Harmony Test: £370 
  • First trimester scan and the Harmony Test: £500


*Please contact us for further information on our obstetrics care packages

Ultrasound Prices (with the consultant fetal medicine)

Gynaecology Ultrasound:

  • Gynaecology (Transvaginal Pelvic) Scan: £200
  • Follicular Tracking Scan: £150 (with Dr's review and prescriptions £200)


Pregnancy Ultrasound

  • Early Pregnancy Viability Scan/Dating Scan: £150
  • Nuchal Translucency Scan: £200
  • Reassurance Scan: £150
  • Anomaly Scan including Uterine Artery Dopplers: £250
  • Cervical Length Scan: £150
  • Growth/ Wellbeing Scan including Dopplers: £150
  • Growth Scan including Dopplers and depending on baby's position 3D Scan/ 4D Scan can be included: £200

(There will be 50% increase in the ultrasound fees if twin pregnancy)


Invasive Procedures:

  • Amniocentesis (16 to 34 weeks): £700 (includes genetic testing)


Health Package Offers

  • Scan Package: £380
  • Coil Fitting Package: £350 (copper coil)
  • Coil Fitting Package: £450 (hormonal coil)
  • Well-woman Gynaecology Package: £450
  • HPV/ STD Package: £300
  • Fertility Package: £360
  • Sexual Health Package: £270
  • Menopause Package: £300

Please click here to view what is provided in each of our packages