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Women's Health Dulwich welcome both insured and self-funding patients.


We offer gynaecology care for women of all ages. 

Our maternity and gynaecology clinic in south London offer you fast access to a one-stop clinic for gynaecological health and consultant-led assessment. As part of a one-stop service, your consultation will include discussion of your concerns, consultant assessment and a range of diagnostic tests to assess your overall gynaecological health, or address a particular health concern.

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From the first day you hold them in your arms until their eighteenth birthday, our consultant paediatricians care for every aspect of your children’s health. Our team includes some of the UK's top paediatricians and you and your child can enjoy the reassurance of seeing the same doctor every time you visit.

Our services include;

  • Vaccinations (UK and international vaccination schedules)
  • Treating routine childhood illnesses
  • Regular wellness checks (including growth and development checks)

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We provide maternity care in Dulwich. We aim to provide you, and your partner, a reassuring environment to discuss your needs, enabling you to be more confident during this emotional and important time.

We provide pregnancy care of a type that is tailored to the needs of each woman.  

The delivery of your baby will be at the Portland Hospital (the only private hospital in the UK dedicated to women and children). 

We welcome self-funding, international and health insured patients for our comprehensive maternity care package.


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We provide whole range of pregnancy scans in south London (baby scans in south London).

All the pregnancy scans are performed by a fetal medicine specialist.

  • Early Pregnancy, Viability Scan, Dating Scan
  • Nuchal Translucency Scan
  • Reassurance Scan, Growth Scan
  • Anomaly Scan
  • Cervical Scan (to assess the risk of premature birth)
  • Wellbeing Scan including Dopplers
  • 3D Scan/ 4D Scan
  • Gynaecology Scan/ Transvaginal scan

Invasive procedures: 

  • Amniocentesis (16 to 34 weeks)

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Integrated service delivery results in better clinical outcomes than without. Our patients usually benefit from many clinicians working in a team to help to solve their problems. 

Specialist level physiotherapy is involved in most of the  clinical services that we deliver. Our physiotherapists specialise in  musculoskeletal practice so that we are better managing the particular needs of our patients. 

We believe that developing and maintaining an active lifestyle is the key to living life to the full and with some help and guidance, you should be able to enjoy your chosen sport or activity without stiffness, aches and pains and perform at an optimum level. We will help you...


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Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional Therapy is the application of nutrition science in the promotion of health, peak performance and individual care.


We will help you to optimise the nutrient intake and address health concerns holistically and naturally.  We are here to help you  to fit it all into your own daily routine with time savers and shortcuts and weekly catch ups for support and accountability.


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Child & Family Therapy

We offer holistic, creative support and practical solutions to children, young people and their parents.  Our approach aims to address a wide range of social and emotional issues including: 

  • Dealing with sudden events and change (eg. coronavirus pandemic)
  • Enhance emotional resilience
  • Manage stress & anxiety
  • Increase self-confidence
  • Improve communication
  • Strengthen family relationships

Sessions for children & young people help them to explore and make sense of their current challenges so they can manage their emotional distress and find ways to express their needs in a calm way. 


Parent-child sessions provide a supportive space for families to share thoughts and feelings, and enjoy activities that foster greater connection and mutual respect.


Support for parents/ carers enhances understanding of your child’s behaviour, while teaching you easy and effective tools to calm emotional storms and enjoy a happier family life.


CORONAVIRUS: We understand that anxiety from the pandemic and stress from self-isolation can impact mental well-being and family harmony.  We are here to support you.


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Hypnotherapy & Life Coach

We offer a warm, safe and confidential space for our clients to explore their thoughts, feelings and behaviours. We are passionately committed to equipping our clients with the tools and skills to learn self-efficacy and build resilience towards life, and its challenges. 


To help maintain or to bring BALANCE back into your life, we take an integrative approach to therapy and uses a combination of evidence-based approaches rooted in neuroscience for optimum results. 


•    Cognitive Behaviour Therapy 

•    Neuromuscular Relaxation 

•    Hypnotherapy 

•    Mindfulness

•    Life Coaching 

•    Managing Stress (such as exam/work-related stress)

•    Improving mental & physical health 

•    Overcoming Anxiety/ Panic Attacks

•    Depression (non-clinical)

•    Insomnia

•    Building Self Esteem & Self Confidence

•    Managing Anger 

•    Breaking Unwanted habits and goal setting


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Comprehensive Maternity Care Package

We welcome self-funding, international and health insured patients for our comprehensive maternity care package.


Dr Tezcan offers comprehensive packages that cover your antenatal and birth care. We organise antenatal appointments either at Women's Health Dulwich or at the Portland Hospital. Delivery will be at the Portland Hospital (the only private maternity hospital dedicated for women and children). 


Most women would like to have pregnancy care including antenatal-delivery-postnatal care, however some women may only  want  to have  delivery. The antenatal care includes regular antenatal assessments and consultations accompanied by ultrasound scans at all antenatal visits. 


For private health insured patients; to book through your insurance please contact your insurer and obtain a pre-authorisation code for antenatal visits and delivery. Please advice us of this code together with your insurance company contact details and policy number. Please ensure your policy fully covers both our fees and the hospital fees.

Please email us to learn more about our maternity care package

Scan Package

Well-Woman Gynaecology Package

Smear, HPV & STD Package

Sexual Health Package

Fertility Package

Coil Fitting Package

Menopause Package

Acupuncture IVF Support Package




Quality Accredited Pathology Service

We do provide whole range of pathology and genetics tests at Women's Health Dulwich including the Harmony test (NIPT test). We collaborate with the Doctor's Laboratory (TDL). TDL is a medically led laboratory established in 1987. It is the largest independent provider of clinical laboratory diagnostic services in the UK.