Women's Health Dulwich

Caring for women of all ages


We offer gynaecology care for women at all ages. 


We offer you fast access to a one-stop clinic for gynaecological health and consultant-led assessment. As part of a one-stop service, your consultation will include discussion of your concerns, consultant assessment and a range of diagnostic tests to assess your overall gynaecological health, or address a particular health concern.



We aim to provide you, and your partner, a reassuring environment to discuss your needs, enabling you to be more confident during this emotional and important time.


We provide pregnancy care of a type that is tailored to the needs of each woman. We perform pregnancy scans by the fetal medicine consultant with extensive counselling. 


All your scans are performed by a fetal medicine specialist.

- Early Pregnancy Viability Scan/Dating Scan

- Nuchal Translucency Scan

- Reassurance Scan

- Anomaly Scan

- Cervical Scan

- Wellbeing Scan including Dopplers

- 3D Scan/ 4D Scan

- Gynaecology Scan

Invasive procedures: 

- Chorion villus sampling - CVS (11 to 15 weeks)

- Amniocentesis (16 to 34 weeks)

Quality Accredited Pathology Service

We do provide whole range of pathology and genetics service at Women's Health Dulwich. We work with the Doctor's Laboratory (TDL). TDL is a medically led laboratory established in 1987. It is the largest independent provider of clinical laboratory diagnostic services in the UK.