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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,Thursday: 9am-8pm

Friday & Saturday: 9am-6pm



Reception: 020 8693 2523

PA Mobile: 075 7290 0354


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Nearest train stations to Women's Health Dulwich; West Dulwich &  North Dulwich Train Stations


·     London Bridge Station - North Dulwich Station: (15 minutes train journey) and then 15 minutes walk or P4 bus (5 minutes bus-journey) to Women's Health Dulwich

·     Victoria Station - West Dulwich Station: (12 minutes train journey) then 5-10 min walk to Women's Health Dulwich

Women's Health Dulwich welcome both insured and self-funding patients


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Comments: 25
  • #1

    Gabriella (Tuesday, 16 April 2019 10:35)

    Dr Tezcan is a credit to her profession, extremely reassuring, professional and most importantly very knowledgeable. Lovely clinic and her staff are also very professional.

  • #2

    Viviana (Tuesday, 16 April 2019 10:36)

    Great clinic, Dr Tezcan is extremely professional, thorough and very personable and approachable.

  • #3

    Larissa (Tuesday, 16 April 2019 10:36)

    Dr. Tezcan is vey professional, knowledgable friendly and reassuring. She answers all your questions with patience and in an accessible way. The clinic is modern and clean. I’m extremely happy to have found her!

  • #4

    Isabelle (Tuesday, 16 April 2019 10:37)

    First time ever I am writing a review. But I felt it necessary this time because the service was wonderful! I definetely recommend it. The DR explain everything to you not like other doctors where you should ask tones of questions before you get some information from them. High standards quality service.

  • #5

    Anna (Tuesday, 16 April 2019 10:37)

    Very nice Medical Personnel, professional attitude to Patient`s needs. Prompt polite, informative response to emails. First time my Teenager Daughter popped in to be registered and we did not regret. Ms Berrin "gently" introduced Woman Health World to her, talked about all aspects of sexual life and importance of contraception. Advised to do HPV for girls.
    Nice friendly secretary.

  • #6

    Dubravka (Tuesday, 16 April 2019 10:38)

    Dr. Tezcan has been overseeing my pregnancy efforts for a few months now. I had an initial consultation, and several follicular scans. The doctor also prescribed some medication to help regulate the cycle.
    Dr. Tezcan is kind but straightforward. It is easy to get an appointment, even on a short notice, and the Doctor goes out of her way to accommodate needs if necessary. All the test results are sent by email; the prices of exams are reasonable. As a person in a same sex couple, I particularly appreciate Dr. Tezcan being open, non-judgmental, and looking for solutions to help make our efforts successful!
    The PA helping to run the practice, Crystabell, is also very kind and accommodating. Overall, great practice, I recommend 100%.

  • #7

    Eva (Tuesday, 16 April 2019 10:39)

    The Women's Health Dulwich Centre is a very modern, pleasant environment, where Dr. Berrin Tezcan and her assistant provide a high professional medical service. They are really helpful and take care about their patient, you can get a wide range of medical tests, treatments. Test results within 3 days. Highly recommended.

  • #8

    Ben (Tuesday, 16 April 2019 10:40)

    Berrin is amazing! She was with us every step of the way and feels more like a friend than a doctor, though she remains totally professional at all times. She is very knowledgeable and reassuring and made the whole experience straightforward and relaxing. We are very lucky to have found her!

  • #9

    The Extensionist (Tuesday, 16 April 2019 10:41)

    So greatful for an amazing experience. Doctor Berrin is trully professional and passionate doctor. She took me at a very short notice, after I had traumatic experience with NHS. Me and my partner are so happy with the whole experience. If you are looking for fear free delivery of your baby doctor Berrin is the one to choose.

  • #10

    Rowena (Tuesday, 16 April 2019 10:42)

    Dr Berrin is extremely experienced and professional and I was delighted to discover her clinic in Dulwich rather than having to trek into central London or battle work / appointments in the same day - much more relaxing. I found it very easy to book an appointment and the help and service I received on the dat was top notch. I had a small harmless lump which i needed to have checked again and ideally removed, and this was no problem for Berrin (I had already visited my GP + the NHS Gyno team at Kings College Hospital twice and they wanted to leave it in place, which was proving a risk when exercising and flying regularly) While i was with Berrin I took the opportunity to have a full women's health check incl blood tests taken and a full scans - I had the scan results immediately and bloods within a few hours. I also needed to ask Berrin a few questions afterwards and she replied very quickly by email. Exceptional service - cannot recommend Berrin and her PA Crystabelle enough. If you have any concerns and have struggled to have them taken seriously on the NHS - I would strongly recommend you visit leafy Dulwich. I'll be back again soon, I'm sure!

  • #11

    Serin (Tuesday, 16 April 2019 10:43)

    Dr. Tezcan is truly an amazing doctor! Throughout my pregnancy, from the very early stages until the last, she was always reassuring, confident and very knowledgable. As first time parents, we always felt that we were in very capable and knowledgable hands. We could comfortably consult her all of our questions and concerns. She was always reachable and always very warm and friendly. We always trusted her sound judgement and felt at ease throughout the 9 months. It was a pleasure going to each appointment and following the progress of our baby with her. She always made us feel at ease, informed us accurately and guided us to make sound judgments. We are very lucky to have found her. We consider her part of the family and we would highly recommend her to all expectant mums!

  • #12

    Melda (Tuesday, 16 April 2019 10:44)

    Women'a Health Dulwich is a very professional and high quality clinic where you can comfortably have a reliable health service. The clinic provides tailored service through highly experienced and skilled staff who are always positive and focus on offering the best service. A five star service that you can rely on �

  • #13

    Roger (Tuesday, 16 April 2019 10:44)

    Miss Tezcan really gave us a fantastic experience all the way.

  • #14

    Lea (Tuesday, 16 April 2019 10:45)

    Ive had an amazing experience with Miss Berrin Tezcan. The c-section she performed was only slightly uncomfortable and the whole pregnancy experience made me feel safe and secure. Thank you Berrin and Women's Health :) xx

  • #15

    Blythe (Tuesday, 16 April 2019 10:45)

    I was very impressed with the professional service I received. The reassurance and swift results were especially impressive

  • #16

    Giulia (Tuesday, 16 April 2019 10:46)

    Dr. Tezcan is truly amazing! Throughout the pregnancy she was always confident and reassuring, but also personable and warm. As a first time mum, I had a lot of questions and Berrin always took the time to answer and send me all the information I needed. We trusted her judgement and advice from day 1 and felt so at ease in her calm and capable hands. Berrin and her team were so responsive and accommodating also in terms of logistics and scheduling, which helped a lot as two working parents. They also always made sure we had all of the information we needed to make any decisions along the way. When it came time to deliver our baby, we could not have asked for a better person to be with us. With a smile on her face, Berrin was calm and warm, but also decisive and confident when it came time to make important decisions during the delivery. We are so lucky to have found Berrin and consider her part of the family! We cannot wait to have another baby with her again. Highly recommend her to any other expectant mums!

  • #17

    Feray (Tuesday, 16 April 2019 10:47)

    Dr Berrin Akbas Tezcan is very professional, caring and supportive. Lovely new clinic. Highly recommend see her and visiting the clinic for any gynecological issues you may have.

  • #18

    Blanca (Tuesday, 16 April 2019 11:14)

    Personal service with detailed information. Very clean and modern equipment.

  • #19

    Naiara (Wednesday, 24 April 2019 10:40)

    I would highly recommend Dr Berrin Tezcan, she was the consultant for my maternity. She followed the process in a way i felt i was very well informed of all the steps, and she watched carefully and with care all details of my health and the baby’s evolution. I really appreciate her support and the shared knowledge through out the process.

  • #20

    Anna (Wednesday, 24 April 2019 10:42)

    It was easy to get to and a pleasant atmosphere and surroundings. From my initial communication with the Administrator through to the visit and consultation with the Gynaecologist I was made to feel at ease. I was not rushed and the Gynaecologist was patient and listened to my concerns. There was no issue asking for a Women Gynaecologist as the Doctor was a Women, so could comprehend my concerns.

  • #21

    Ipek (Friday, 26 April 2019 20:30)

    I was Dr Berrin Tezcan’s patient for my antenatal + the delivery and over the 9 months pregnancy and delivery, she has been absolute star and on top of everything. She was very professional, her experience and care made me and my husband very relaxed during the pregnancy and the birth. I gave birth in Portland hospital based on Dr Tezcan’s recommendation and before the birth, i was thinking whether i should look at other hospital options but Dr Tezcan was right, the hopsital was also great. Whole experience was very pleasant and actually we really enjoyed the delivery which is usually very nervous for everyone else :) We live in Hertfordshire but i still travelled to Dulwich sometimes when i was late to book her availability in her Harley str clinic. Worth all the travel for appointments when it comes to such an important topic, your baby if you are happy with your doctor. I had elective c section and i have the smallest cut, thanks to Dr Tezcan as you don’t want a big cut scar as a woman and she is also very good with that beside being really on top of everything during your pregnancy. She has bern very communicative, easy to reach and responsive. Thank you very much for everything! definitely going with the same clinic, same doctor next time !

  • #22

    Flavia (Sunday, 28 April 2019 20:22)

    Dr Berrin is an amazing professional, always available, I couldn't be happier with all her support. Felt very lucky to have found her!

  • #23

    Janaina (Sunday, 30 June 2019 23:21)

    Dr. Tezcan is fantastic - she is kind, always available, very knowledgeable and always made me feel safe and looked after. Highly recommend her!

  • #24

    Kiki & Sean (Sunday, 30 June 2019 23:22)

    Best antenatal and delivery experience. Dr. Berrin is not only very professional but also very warm and kind. Would highly recommend for any new mums.

  • #25

    Edina (Sunday, 30 June 2019 23:23)

    Great clinic and professional care! I highly recommend!