Private Birth in London 

We welcome self-funding, international and health insured patients for our comprehensive maternity care package.


Dr Tezcan offers comprehensive packages that cover your antenatal and birth care.


Most women would like to have pregnancy care including antenatal-delivery-postnatal care, however some women may only  want  to have  delivery. The antenatal care includes regular antenatal assessments and consultations accompanied by ultrasound scans at all antenatal visits. 


Full pregnancy care package:

  • A booking appointment and consultation
  • Initial antenatal appointment (refunded if paid prior to booking package)
  • Antenatal appointments including specialist fetal medicine scans at early pregnancy, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40 and 41 weeks. There may be fewer appointments if this is not your first pregnancy
  • Delivery (both caesarean and vaginal delivery)
  • Postnatal check
  • Dr Tezcan's 24/7 personal mobile contact number 


For private health insured patients; to book through your insurance please contact your insurer and obtain a pre-authorisation code for antenatal visits and delivery. Please advice us of this code together with your insurance company contact details and policy number. Please ensure your policy fully covers both our fees and the hospital fees.

Why choose us?
Having private obstetric care allows you to know your obstetrician from the earliest stage of your pregnancy. You’ll get the chance to meet most qualified and experienced obstetrician at each and every appointment, which prevents receiving conflicting or even confusing information.


During your pregnancy, private care allows you to have direct access to your consultant obstetrician. As a private patient you will also have more flexibility regarding appointment times and a more efficient handling of any your queries and concerns.


Over the course of your ante-natal appointments you will develop a personal and close relationship with your consultant obstetrician and this helps significantly when you’re in labour. Knowing that you have one of the most highly experienced and trained  clinician at hand can make labour a lot less stressful.


Also having your own room and bathroom is really important when you have just given birth and want to enjoy those special moments with your new baby and family.


If you would like to enjoy the comfort of having all your antenatal appointments locally close to your home/workplace with flexible appointments (late appointments and weekend appointments) at our state of the art clinics where we are able to provide pathology tests (including genetic tests) and all the specialist consultant ultrasound scans.


Miss Berrin Tezcan (Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist and Fetal Medicine Specialist) provides unique maternity care. All your antenatal appointments can be scheduled at our Dulwich or Harley Street Clinics . Delivery will be at the Portland Hospital, a state of the art fully private maternity hospital in the heart of London.

Why choose Portland Hospital?
Portland Hospital is the only fully private maternity hospital in the UK, with excellent midwifery and consultant care, meaning you need not worry about the delays in your care in labour. 
It is a well-known disadvantage to have your care in the private maternity units within the NHS facility due to most of these units not having separate theatre facilities. Therefore in case of emergencies, these private patients must wait in the theatre waiting list together with an increasing number of NHS patients and complex cases. This can cause incidents at times of emergencies and affects the care that you will have privately.


Carrying and birthing a baby is one of the most beautiful things in life, but it can put a lot of strain on you and your body. Proper maternity care from the first ultrasound, to any post-natal services can provide much-needed support to an expecting mother.


Here at Women’s Health Dulwich, we are proud to offer maternity care to patients from Dulwich, Wandsworth, Bromley, Clapham, Blackheath and the surrounding community that can provide exactly that.


Whether you have recently discovered that you are pregnant, or your due date is quickly looming, we can still offer a range of maternity care Dulwich services to guide you through the remaining months of your pregnancy and provide care after the birth.


To ensure that our patients are cared for with complete dedication and professional quality treatment, we provide comprehensive packages that cover as much of your antenatal and birth care as you see fit. 


We provide private maternity care in South London and Central London.


Dr Berrin Tezcan's private maternity care packages are structured as follows:


·  Comprehensive Maternity Care Package – This package will include antenatal care, prenatal screening, care during labour (delivery takes place at the Portland Hospital) and post-natal care. We will personally perform all ultrasounds scans throughout your pregnancy and will remain accessible throughout pregnancy and following delivery  for all maternity care Dulwich patients. 

·  Care For Labour & Delivery – This care will cover any women who may decide to opt for private maternity care late in their pregnancy and will include care during labour (delivery takes place at the Portland Hospital) and after delivery. 

·  Ultrasounds Scans In Pregnancy – Your private doctor will perform all scans throughout pregnancy, which include: early viability, nuchal translucency, dating scans, ultrasound screening for fetal anomalies and growth surveillance, 3D/4D and fetal sexing scans. 

·  Prenatal Screening – These are comprehensive screening tests for common chromosomal and fetal abnormalities, such as Down’s Syndrome, and include an early scan performed at 11-14 weeks.

·  Pre-natal Diagnostic Tests – This package offers a definitive diagnostic test to women at high risk following the prenatal screening, or to women who opt for a definitive test independent of the screening test results. These include chorionic villus sampling (CVS) and amniocentesis.


Please note, while we provide maternity care to patients from Wandsworth, Clapham, Bromley, Dulwich and the surrounding area, the delivery of your baby will be at the Portland Hospital. We do not have facilities in-clinic for the delivery of your baby. Please contact us for further information on our obstetrics care packages. 


Experienced & Localised Maternity Care Serving Central & South East London


Pregnancy is an incredibly personal experience and while millions of women go through the entire process without a single issue, we are here to provide high-quality care and the relevant tests and scans to ensure that this remains the case throughout the pregnancy and into post-natal care. Here at Women’s Health Dulwich, we are proud to offer comprehensive maternity care in South London to ensure that any woman looking for private maternity care in Dulwich, Wandsworth, Clapham, Bromley, Blackheath and the surrounding community will find a comfortable and warm experience here with our team.


Dr Berrin Tezcan is dedicated and highly experienced in her role as a consultant obstetrician and fetal medicine specialist, so you can rest assured that you are in safe and knowledgeable hands when opting for our care. What’s more, she is happy to look after women who have private medical health insurance that covers all or part of their pregnancy care. If you are unsure about the level to which your policy covers you, please speak to your insurance company. If you’d like assistance with your health insurance policy queries, we are happy to deal with insurance companies directly. Simply provide full details of policy numbers, authorisation or claim numbers and claim forms if they are required. 


UK insurance companies do not usually cover private maternity care. In the unusual circumstance that you qualify for cover, only a proportion of the total fee is usually refunded. As with most private practitioners, private pregnancy care is undertaken on the basis that any fees are settled directly. Thereafter, we will assist you to recover any funds owed to you by the insurance company.


If you’re seeking out maternity care in Dulwich, Wandsworth, Bromley, Blackheath or any of the surrounding districts in South London, we are happy to offer localised and personal care to all prospective patients, from our maternity care clinic in Dulwich. Through our local nature, we can better get to know our patients and provide better and more personal care as a result. If you are wishing to have all your antenatal care locally close to your home and you consider delivery at London's most prestigious private hospital, we are the right clinic for you. If you are interested in this manner of treatment, let us know when you’re available and book an appointment online.