Harmony Test in London (NIPT Test)

Harmony Test in London

Women Health Dulwitch offers harmony tests in London by highly experienced experts.  The Harmony test is a non-invasive prenatal screening test (NIPT), to determine the risk of Down’s Syndrome in an unborn child. We are one of few centres in the UK now offering the Harmony test for screening for Down's Syndrome. The screening involves a simple blood test taken from the mother during pregnancy (from 10 weeks onwards) which strongly predicts some of the most common chromosomal abnormalities such as Trisomy 21 (Down's Syndrome), Trisomy 18 (Edwards Syndrome), Trisomy 13 (Patau Syndrome).


The Harmony test has been clinically proven to have detection rates of over 99% for Down's Syndrome, and can be performed at no risk to the baby. All that is required is a blood sample from the mother, which is taken from 10 weeks gestation. This is a much-preferred option than traditional, stressful invasive testing such as chorionic villous sampling (CVS) and amniocentesis.


Harmony Test in London

Chromosomal conditions can occur in any pregnancy, and our Harmony tests are able to provide you with peace of mind about the health of your baby and its likelihood of developing the most common chromosomal conditions. The Harmony test is far more accurate than traditional screening and offers lower false positive rates.


At Women’s Health Dulwich, we work closely with the UK’s oldest and largest private laboratory. Typically, the Harmony test results are available in less than 7 working days. If you're from Dulwich or the surrounding area, and you are looking for a reliable, trustworthy clinic for your prenatal screening,  contact us today. Get your harmony test at the best maternity hospital in London


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Harmony test
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